Phases of Life and God

Wow! What person in this world is without having things thrown at them like whirlwinds of cloudy experiences that seem overwhelming at the time, but turn out to be blessings in disguise?

No new beginning has occurred in life unless some door closes either just before or after it has been introduced.  The phases of life are all growing experiences and require more understanding that what can be seen by our “human ego” eye..

Here we are and can consider ourselves to be simple specks of human existence until the magnificence of Spirit touches us. The overwhelming issues soon become interesting challenges. Life’s evolution soon becomes permissible when we open our hearts and minds to something “more”.

So are we here on earth to suffer?  What would you answer if asked such a question. I believe in God. I believe now that God exists everywhere, omnipresent. Can you? Can you honestly bring God into your personal, professional, financial and, certainly, spiritual life now?

I often ask the question to God “If I relied upon your Guidance in my personal life and experienced great residuals, then can you help me out here?”

“Of myself, I cannot do, but God can!” I say. “God can and does work in and throughout my life now producing the perfect results.”

Then I must ask you this question: “If God can, have you asked him?” What we do on our own, God sits back saying “when you are ready, I will appear in this situation”. When we turn it over to God, He say “In the name of the Lord, I will do it.”



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