Simplicity of a Peaceful Life

What if you got to heaven and noticed that there was a huge warehouse closed to anyone except those with a password?

I would simply scratch my head and attempt to discover the password only if the contents of that warehouse were tempting or offered me some kind of reward, would I not?

What if this warehouse was described to me as something mystical and extraordinary, often seen by others before they entered heaven? I would then have a strong desire to locate that password, would I not?

Where would I discover this password that linked me to this huge warehouse that I now know is offering me very rich rewards? Let us see if we can take our clues known to us now and find that password, shall we?

“Ask, believing, and it shall be done unto you”.

“Knock, and the door shall be opened unto you.” Eh? Or is “what I can do, you can do also, even better” any clue?

We would try “knock”, “believing”, “ask” to no avail and the password still eludes us!

Perhaps it would be better to study a bit more in order to pick up more clues that can open the doors to these rich rewards.

OR… perhaps it would just be better for me to listen with the ears of my own spirit and the password would come?

God suggests you ask believing, that you knock and the door will be opened, and Jesus offered the same for you as he could do.

So we seek, we know and believe and the door will open!

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