Merger with God

Your words and thoughts are your “Merger with God.”

It just doesn’t feel complete sometimes! No matter what we try to accomplish, there are moments that we sense a block, sabotage or obstacles that appear insurmountable. When I question my confidence, it is necessary to question my Source, for if we consistently and positively connect with that Source, our confidence level will continue to rise.

This concept, a merger with God, does not just affect our spiritual life. The simple truth is that, without this merger, we are specks on the face of this earth! With this miraculous Source, however, we are given the tools to accomplish many things which include; peace of mind, harmonious relationships, good health and financial abundance through using our God given talents and uniqueness. We must have intentions to leave a Legacy of good throughout our pathway of life!

Of course, this merger is only the realization that we can merge with Him, simply because we have this constant companion with us at all times. He already is there. We must be too! If we stray, we can quickly feel the wavering, where insecurities arise! Prevention is the key and the lock is opened when we ask in the right way. Here are some tips:

Increase Financial Security: “All financial channels are open and clear. I am open to receive. As I give freely, my income and cash supply increases. The flow of the Universe is magnetized and I am one with all financial resources that supply me with all that is needed and desired to live a rich, fulfilling life.”

Relationships: “I am a wonderful mate to a wonderful mate! I express love in all I say and do and invite the loving powerful Universe to provide me with joy, prosperity and harmonious relationships. I am a loved and beloved, experiencing my loving relationship now.”

Health and Well Being: “I am healthy and well in mind, body and spirit. I drink of the precious waters of God’s light and experience wholeness in mind, body and spirit!”

Faith is the clincher. Say healthy things to yourself and others only. Harbor no resentments! Promise yourself, for these things you think and say, bind you to your word! God can only achieve what you ask of HIM!


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