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Living in Thankfulness

“Before they call, I will answer” is a favored statement that seems, over time, to be greatly misunderstood. What does this mean?

To tell you the Truth, I believe that one must draw their own conclusion and perceive the answer from their own experience.

I got this thought and expanded upon it. Now I want to share it with all of you! “Live in Thankfulness, even if, at the time, there is no evidence of anything to be thankful for.

Well, are we living in Thankfulness right now, but do not see it? Like, why would we even think of thanking God for our meal before us, or our water to wash our face or drink, or the home we live in, our friends, family, pets, flowers, etc., etc.!?? Stop and smell the roses when there are no roses! Thank the unseen, invisible.

I began! Taking only a few moments, mind you, I thought “Thank you, Father. Thank You so much. I am Your Grateful Child. Thank You, thank You, thank You for my blessings. I AM so thankful.”

Surprised over the outcome, there could not be one day, now, that goes by where I don’t think of “Living in Thankfulness” and “Before they call, I will answer”.

We all live in answered prayer. My prayer is “Thankfulness”, then guess what? Once you make your prayer “Thank you, Father. Thank you so much”, you will be living in Thankfulness too.

Simplicity of a Peaceful Life

What if you got to heaven and noticed that there was a huge warehouse closed to anyone except those with a password?

I would simply scratch my head and attempt to discover the password only if the contents of that warehouse were tempting or offered me some kind of reward, would I not?

What if this warehouse was described to me as something mystical and extraordinary, often seen by others before they entered heaven? I would then have a strong desire to locate that password, would I not?

Where would I discover this password that linked me to this huge warehouse that I now know is offering me very rich rewards? Let us see if we can take our clues known to us now and find that password, shall we?

“Ask, believing, and it shall be done unto you”.

“Knock, and the door shall be opened unto you.” Eh? Or is “what I can do, you can do also, even better” any clue?

We would try “knock”, “believing”, “ask” to no avail and the password still eludes us!

Perhaps it would be better to study a bit more in order to pick up more clues that can open the doors to these rich rewards.

OR… perhaps it would just be better for me to listen with the ears of my own spirit and the password would come?

God suggests you ask believing, that you knock and the door will be opened, and Jesus offered the same for you as he could do.

So we seek, we know and believe and the door will open!

How to Deal with Difficult Situations

We cannot always predict our experiences. Our spirits are on a journey where learning and progressing is an absolute path to follow.

It is not the experience that molds our character and helps us grow, it is our reaction to the experience itself.

We are never without the power of God.  So… why do we try so hard to “do life” without Him?

Take this thought and digest it today; “Of myself, I cannot do, but God can.”, adopt it into your lives starting now. You will be amazed and encouraged to deal with difficult situations in a spiritually enlightened way.
In a recent situation, I, after all my years of metaphysical experience, festered over a possible solution. It needed to be solved and believe me, I tried hard.

Luckily, I set up drafts of my responses in my mind and after a few days of agonizing over all the possibilities of “a peaceful solution”, turned my thoughts to God and said “I know that you, God My Father, are with me wherever I am. I release this issue as I have released other things to you in my life and trust in Your Perfection to bring about the perfect, harmonious solution. I thank you ahead of time, knowing that all is well.”

Describing the outcome would take too much time for now. But, let me tell you, it was solved “perfectly and harmoniously”, just 24 hours later. I can put that experience behind me.  So no matter how much I festered over the issue, when I turned it over to God, it was taken care of.  My journey towards complete faith is one step further.

Never underestimate the Power of God…..