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Happy Is Knowing How It Works

Happy? Happiness is not hidden in a bottle or pill. Nor is the term happy defined in another person. Everyone has their own perception of the term happy. One might be happy over a new relationship, job or any other experience.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out that the spiritual part of you is consistently searching to know the truth and, once discovered and nurtured, such a deep sense of happy will rise up within you that surpasses all definitions of the word happy!

Scientists have persistently explored the atmosphere, and over time, have discovered this one thing called energy. Energy fills this universe, lies dormant and is only activated by the mind of man. God made man in his likeness and gave him a mind to think and believe with. The mind directs this unformed energy into things. It is blind and motionless until it is activated by the mind of man.  Another term for this energy is the law of attraction. We connect with it in prayer.

What does all this mean? It tells us why your thoughts are so vital to your well being and when you are directing this energy to be happy, it will bless you and make you happy, healthy, loved and yes, wealthy too, in mind, body, and spirit.

Why am I happy? I got it! I grasped the power of this energy and as many of you that I can share it with the better. Sharing this knowledge makes me happy!

Letter to God

So I heard about this Letter to God “thing”. Actually, my daughter-in-law introduced it to me in the book, Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert which I had never read but watched the movie several times! After receiving this worthy piece of information, I am going to read the book, for sure.

The following is my own personal rendition of the letter she compiles on page 45 in her book.It goes like this:

“Dear God,

I know you have been busy answering a whole bunch of prayers. I bet alot of those prayers are far more important than mine, but, I hope you will take a moment or two to hear my prayers and in some way, answer them.

I realize that the world needs help. This debt ceiling “thing” is about to push us to the limit of anxiety and you are, surely, working on that! Knowing your power, you will pull it off. In fact, You, are probably at wits end over it and so ready to get past it.

Well, here are my requests: (cannot reveal such personal things to you, but believe me, I have voiced them to God in a separate personal letter.)

Thanks God for answered prayer,

Your Child,

Trudy W. Evans

Then I am thinking of all the wonderful people who want to sign my letter. If you want to sign, say “Like this”. The more the merrier!! However, I am considering Abe Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, Guilliani, Sarah Palin, O’Neill, and even Obama and Reid would like to sign my letter! I thought I would get all my grandkids and children to sign as well along with all of my friends.