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Financial Abundance: A Spiritual Gift

Understand that no matter what the circumstances are, or financial position you are experiencing at this time, you can rise higher, increase your income and experience abundance.

“God is my supply, everywhere evenly present, and as immediately available, as the air that I breathe.”

Formula for Prosperity

1. Remind yourself as often as possible of the fact that “What you think, believe in and conceive of becomes your reality.”

2. Let your thoughts be “Yea, Yea, not Nay, Nay. Do not allow your thoughts to stray to the negative. Repeat “I am prosperous” all the time.

3. Copy and carry around the following: “God now multiplies all that I give, use or circulate in a never ending cycle of increase and enjoyment.” Keep this in mind whenever you open your wallet to either receive money or spend it.

4. On your checks, underneath the dollar amount write “DRx1000”, which means Divine Return times one thousand and stands for whatever you give is returned to you a thousand fold.

5. On your checks or any payments put “God Bless” and let it read across to your name. You are, thus, asking God’s blessing for yourself and others.

6. Say “I feel so much better about money for now and for my future” anytime you are spending money, receiving money, buying gas for your auto, paying bills and any other time you happen to catch yourself worrying about money. You have a choice to think what you want. Decide to think positive and with meaning and conviction. Replace any thoughts to the contrary with “I am prosperous.”

7. Know that you deserve to open your mind to receive. It is not selfish to ask God to give you prosperity. Prosperity for you means others are prospered as well. “I am a rich child of God. I deserve to be prosperous, wealthy and abundant.”

8. Think “I always pay the bills on time and have plenty of money left over to spare and share.”

9. At any given moment think “People love to give me money”

10. Believe: “I am a rich child of a loving and giving Father. I am the rich substance of the Universe. I am, I am, I am. My mind, body and affairs are blessed with this rich radiant substance. I am blessed, therefore, others are blessed as well.”

Seed Money: Reaping the Ten Fold Return and Money Mantra
Seed Money: Reaping the Ten Fold Return and Money Mantra
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