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Think Abundance!

“Let your thoughts be “yay, yay, not “nay, nay”.

Keep thoughts on the Universal availability of abundance in all things. Money issues have a way of reinforcing themselves if all of the energy is placed upon “where is the money coming from to pay this bill or that bill?”

I suggest you try an experiment for the next week because if will change your reference to money! Put your energy on positive affirmative statements such as:

“Money, money, money, I love money and it loves me”.
“My cash supply increases and my income doubles.”
“I feel so much better about money now and for my future.”

If, by chance, your attention wants to wander towards worry about money, immediately replace that energy to one or all three of the aforementioned affirmations!

Amazing things will appear!

Manifesting for Beginners – How to Start to Use The Law of Attraction

Recently, I have been working with a client who was getting frustrated with the idea of manifesting what she wanted. She had read some books on the subject and knew that it could work, but wasn’t quite sure how to really put manifesting her desires into action. She kept getting stuck on the “How!” How does it work? So, I listened while she poured out her frustration. I came to the conclusion that she needed to start small. I know faith is believing in something you don’t see but I knew that if I could lead her in a direction of attracting some small things, her faith in her ability to attract bigger and better things would come. So, I suggested to her that she pick something small, and  maybe something a little out of the ordinary, to visualize having. I told her to concentrate on whatever it was she chose to attract and feel what it was like to have it. And, I reminded her to be specific.

Of all things, she decided she would like a cookie. And, taking my advice to be specific, she decided that she would like a homemade chocolate chip cookie. Within eight hours of her declaring to the Universe what she wanted, her son’s girlfriend came by with a container of homemade cookies… homemade lemon cookies. While she was pleased that homemade cookies showed up at her door, she kept holding on to the idea of the homemade chocolate chip cookies. To make this short, the next afternoon another friend came by and gave her a few fresh homemade chocolate chip cookies wrapped nicely in plastic wrap. He said to her, “My friend and I decided to make cookies today and I thought of you and thought you might like some.”

Of course she ended up calling me excited about how easily and quickly the cookies had come, so I asked her to decide on something else small. She said that she had seen a book and had wanted that, another two days past and she was given the book. It’s amazing how quickly the Universe will bring the things we want. My client is now making a small list of things she wants, and I know that with each small thing she manifests, it will become easier and easier so that she will be ready to move on to attracting bigger and better things.

Here are the steps to take if you are new to the idea of manifestation and how to use the law of attraction:

  • Want something, pick out a few small things you want and as you go through your day think about those things… maybe if it’s cookies you can imagine how they would taste.
  • Be specific about what you want, you might want a new set of dishes, but if you leave it at that you might get green dishes when you wanted white ones.
  • Keep focused on it.
  • Feel the feeling of gratitude and happiness that you will have when what you have asked for shows up.
  • Don’t think about the how! What (what you want) is our job, how is the job of The Universe.

Keep in touch! Leave a comment and tell me a fun story about manifesting or ask a question and I’ll be happy to answer.

Formula for Prosperity

1. Remind yourself as often as possible of the fact that “What you think, believe in and conceive of becomes your reality.”

2. Let your thoughts be “Yea, Yea, not Nay, Nay. Do not allow your thoughts to stray to the negative. Repeat “I am prosperous” all the time.

3. Copy and carry around the following: “God now multiplies all that I give, use or circulate in a never ending cycle of increase and enjoyment.” Keep this in mind whenever you open your wallet to either receive money or spend it.

4. On your checks, underneath the dollar amount write “DRx1000”, which means Divine Return times one thousand and stands for whatever you give is returned to you a thousand fold.

5. On your checks or any payments put “God Bless” and let it read across to your name. You are, thus, asking God’s blessing for yourself and others.

6. Say “I feel so much better about money for now and for my future” anytime you are spending money, receiving money, buying gas for your auto, paying bills and any other time you happen to catch yourself worrying about money. You have a choice to think what you want. Decide to think positive and with meaning and conviction. Replace any thoughts to the contrary with “I am prosperous.”

7. Know that you deserve to open your mind to receive. It is not selfish to ask God to give you prosperity. Prosperity for you means others are prospered as well. “I am a rich child of God. I deserve to be prosperous, wealthy and abundant.”

8. Think “I always pay the bills on time and have plenty of money left over to spare and share.”

9. At any given moment think “People love to give me money”

10. Believe: “I am a rich child of a loving and giving Father. I am the rich substance of the Universe. I am, I am, I am. My mind, body and affairs are blessed with this rich radiant substance. I am blessed, therefore, others are blessed as well.”

Seed Money: Reaping the Ten Fold Return and Money Mantra
Seed Money: Reaping the Ten Fold Return and Money Mantra
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