I Feel So Much Better About Money

Which would you rather do, be invited to a buffet dinner but only relish in its description or taste of its delights to form an opinion of your own?   I vote the latter! Therefore, dive in with a “Money” affirmation and taste its rewards yourself.

Worry, fear or anxiety trap positive energy from the proactive movement which the Universe operates upon. Therefore, you introduce positives to this Great Universal Mind and positives will manifest. Lack turns to abundance! Fear fades away into Faith in Prosperity!

Only if you think you are vulnerable to imposed limitations, you are.. We praise our paychecks. However, our paychecks are not the only source of our supply. God is our abundant Source of Supply! We are grateful for the money earned. But understand this fact!  What you claim to be real with persistence becomes real. “I am prosperous!” Say it repeatedly. Say it hundreds of times. Embrace it for as long as it takes to become the very air you breathe!

Some affirmations to say are:

“I feel so much better about Money now and for my future!”

“Money is available to me as easily as the air I breathe!”

“I always have plenty of money to pay any obligations and plenty, plenty, plenty left over to spare and share!”

Grasp this truth! You are supposed to feel good about “Money”.. More to come…

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