Self Hypnosis

Hypnosis is nothing to be afraid of. It is actually a process of relaxing or diverting the conscious mind so that a hypnotist can talk directly to your subconscious mind.

An explanation of Self Hypnosis is simply the process of using your own conscious mind to give instruction to your subconscious yourself. When doing so, you want to talk in the positive affirmative. For example: One simple, but very effective exercise is to sit or lie down comfortably, begin counting from 10 back to one. As you do, tell yourself you are relaxing and want to close your eyes and on the count of one, close your eyes repeating “deep sleep”.
Now repeat the following statement:

“It is easy for me to be calm, confident, and optimistic. It is easy for me to be calm, confident and optimistic.” Repeat 7 to 10 times. An image or feeling of calmness, confidence and optimism will occur and when that feeling or image occurs, you simply awaken yourself by counting from 1 to 5 saying to yourself “wide awake and relaxed.”
This simple exercise is very effective and I suggest you practice it three times a day for about the next two or three weeks.

Some varieties of this method of Self Hypnosis are: As you are falling asleep, say “It is easy for me to be calm, confident and optimistic.” Repeat many times as you are drifting off to sleep. Take breaks from your busy day and find a place to relax (sit or lie down) count yourself into a relaxed state and repeat your statement as directed. Begin your day repeating “I am calm, confident and optimistic.”
After practicing your self hypnosis techniques for about three weeks, you can vary your statement. Let’s say you are going into a meeting and want to be responsive and successful. Use your counting method and then repeat “It is easy for me to be calm, confident and successful”.

Perhaps you are going to a party and want to be very charming. Use your counting method and repeat until an image or feeling appears “It is easy for me to be calm, confident and charming.”
The above are suggestions. You can change them to suit your personal needs.

However, use the suggested ones until you have gotten used to the process and only use three adjectives at a time.


Circle of Light Meditation
Circle of Light Meditation
Centering your energy inside a circle of light magnetizes your aura so that you are able to attract to you all that is need for you to lead a fulfilling life. Finding that center is not as difficult as one thinks. In this ecourse, you are guided through a meditation within a circle of light in order to energize your prayer power. We all pray whether we realize it or not. Why not "Pray" positively with Light.

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