Develop Psychic Abilities

We all possess psychic abilities. Scientists say that we only use 10% of our minds. Well, if the other 90% is dormant, that must be where our psychic abilities are and yes, that is exactly where the psychic lives. Within us is the answer to anything we question, need or want. In developing our ability to communicate with our inner mind (the subconscious), learning to listen when an answer appears, we understand that we can be our own psychic. Here are a few examples and following are some exercises you can do to develop your own psychic ability.

One example would be if we thought of someone and a few minutes later they called us on the phone or we happen to run into them out somewhere. A perfect example of being psychic is as parents. Somehow, we have this sixth sense about our children and our family members. Another example is, we could be wanting something, someone or information about a certain place and suddenly someone that we had not seen for a long time, happens to cross our path and knows the whereabouts of the very item, person or place we were searching for.

The following are some exercises you can use to develop your own abilities to receive answers, use imaginings or visions, or simply get guidance on some subject or action you need to take.
One time a class member of mine was taking a trip and asked Divine Guidance “Should I take this trip” When shopping at one of the stores looking for bathing suits, another woman came up to her, grabbed a bathing suit and said “You are going on a wonderful trip and you are going to have a wonderful time”. Was that her answer, she questioned? I just laughed!!

Relaxation is a key to being psychic. In the busy hub bub of the day, our minds going a mile a minute, we just can’t hear our intuitive. Slow down, hurrying to get somewhere will not get you there any faster. Instead, take a few deep breaths, release worries, and let them go to the Universe. Ask “Divine guidance now shows me the way, guides my every action and leads me to make the best choices in my life.” Take a few deep breaths, close your eyes and say “I thank Divine Guidance for showing me the way and guiding me to right action.” Open your eyes and have faith. “Thank you, father, I am faithful, faithful, faithful.”

Whenever going somewhere, no matter where it might be, say “My angel goes before me, preparing me a perfect way.” Watch and see what happens. Do just these few things, and you will become like a child who has found a new toy. Even though the Subconscious mind is nothing to toy with, be somewhat playful in your endeavor to open your mind to possibilities. You are the psychic!!

One other exercise is in the morning as you start your day say “I am open and receptive to all of the wonderful knowledge of the universe today. My wisdom comes from Universal Wisdom (God). I am blessed today all day.”

At night before going off to sleep say “Positive thinking brings me advantages I desire.” Repeat 20 times as you drift off to sleep for seven nights in a row. Then you can say “Positive thinking brings me advantages I desire” any time you want.

In the morning as you awaken, instead of turning on a negative television set to start your day, ask “Divine guidance shows me the way, making successful my way.”

Seven Charka Meditation
Seven Charka Meditation
When the seven centers of your body are in balance, your life is in balance.

This is a guided meditation which includes the seven centers of the body with their correlating colors. Just simply relax and take an imaginary musical ride on a magic carpet and receive positive energy and light. Relaxing with this meditation brings a positive aura to your mind and body. Choose to, if you like, listen to the cd once or twice a week for relaxation, positive energy and over all well being.

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Price: $14.99