Relationship Affirmations

Whether you’re looking for love, friendship or better business relationships, affirmations can help attract the right people into your life.


I am inviting wonderful friends into my life.


I feel wonderful. I have wonderful relationships.


I deserve to be loved and loving.


I have a loving mate who loves me as much as I love them.


I am blessed with the ability to love and be loved.


I am attractive, and a wonderful friend and mate to a partner who loves me and whom I love.


Thank you, God, for a wonderful relationship where I feel loved and free to love in return.


More and more I accept a loving relationshp in my life.


Each day my relationship to others is improving and getting better in every way.


Relationships Ecourse
Relationships Ecourse
In this ecourse, you will follow the pertinent steps that are easy to understand in order to help you establish a new and healthy relationship or improve an existing one. Each step is designed to guide you through subconscious exercises that help you recognize unwanted patterns and make easy changes for the better. Healthy relationships begin within.

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Ecourse includes both the ebook and audio version.
Price: $14.99