Card Readings

I am an Intuitive Counselor and have been reading cards for over 30 years. Unlike many others I read regular playing cards, not Tarot. The cards themselves have meanings; however, they are not as defined as Tarot cards, thus offering more room for intuition to play a part in your reading.

Clear, compassionate, & practical guidance in the areas of –

Relationships & love
Career or business
Health and
Spiritual growth

I offer readings via email, by telephone or in person.  If you would like an email reading the cost is $10.00 per question and you may pay below.  If you would like to make an appointment for a reading over the phone or in person please contact me at 972-690-9408 or 214-498-5449 or here.

Card Readings
Card Readings
Email readings are $10.00 per question. After paying your will be redirected to a page where you can submit your question(s).
*If you are not redirect after payment please submit your questions via the contact page.
Price: $10.00