Weight Loss

Imagine your desired weight goal and the size you will be. Imagine your friends remarking on how slim and slender you look!

“Ask believing and it shall be done unto you”!

Losing Weight begins in the mind. Subconscious patterns, once established, are easily uprooted and, in exchange, new patterns are embedded simply by communicating the ideas and suggestions to this marvelous entity, your silent but powerful partner in life, your subconscious mind.

Backed by faith, your new ideas will take hold and the desired result appears! Sound too simple to be true? Thought plus acceptance of a fact creates conviction and then the desired result appears!

If you want to take off pounds and inches and have tried several methods, do not give up. You can use Hypnosis or Self-hypnosis for weight loss. Learn first to communicate with your subconscious mind, which is the best friend you could ever have. Doing so has incredible rewards.

The weight will peel away when you get the subconscious active in your thoughts. Think of how easy it will be to turn away from a rich dessert or an extra helping of food at mealtime, when you retain the help of your own subconscious mind. The things that were difficult to accomplish become easier and less stressful. The order is given and like a willing servant, the subconscious responds.


Weight Loss Ecourse
Weight Loss Ecourse
Easy to follow guide that works with the subconscious mind to create weight loss. This step by step course is designed to lead you comfortably through the process of losing weight. You will be able to read along as you listen to the audio version.

Included is a relaxation exercise and a section for you to read or listen to at night before going to bed, It is designed so that you can listen to one of the sections of the audio version as you go about your normal activities. Using your subconscious mind to help you accomplish weight loss in a smooth, healthy manner will make it easier to lose the weight without such a struggle. You will be directed through each of the steps so that you can safely lose weight in a healthy and more constructive way. The subconscious mind is a guide through this process. You will notice subtle and effective changes to your attitude about eating and exercise habits that will last long term.

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Price: $14.99