Create a Better Financial Life

Why seven days straight? I just have to share with you the power behind manifestation and what an effect it will have upon you. Therefore, for seven days in a row I am blogging about the opportunity you have through the power of thought to create a better financial life for yourself.

We begin with you accepting that there is more in life than most expect. Getting the idea across to you is my job. What is yours? Accept some other way to think beyond limited belief for a week! What the heck! You can do that. You can think beyond your normal channels of income and for a week solid expand your options to trust in a greater power which is available to you immediately.

Think now “I am prosperous”. Think it over and over right now for several minutes. Go further and believe that this great power is responding to your thought “I am prosperous” and manifesting prosperity for you. Be aware of its demonstration in your life now.

Do not stop saying “I am prosperous” until something wells up within you that exerts a feeling of peace. When it does, give it a rest for as long as it takes before you start limiting thinking again. Then, catch those thoughts in mid air and replace them with “I am prosperous”.

Now we are going to say “I am prosperous” for this entire week until it permeates our being. Know that your request is going beyond expected channels of income and manifesting all sorts of prosperity and when you see evidence of these manifestations say “I believe in my prosperity and am thankful for it”. We have begun!

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The Money Coach by Trudy W. Evans C.H.
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