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Never Chase A Prayer

Today is the greatest day of my life!!

“I am prosperous” has permeated my mind as I go into the second day of proclaiming prosperity. I have said it many times in the last 24 hours and I hope you have too.

Never chase a prayer! That is not easy, but necessary! See, we say the prayer “I am prosperous” and then must be wise in allowing prosperity to come into our lives.

Now, instead of chasing it down or questioning “where is it?” Let go and say “I am receiving, receiving now all the good God has for me” I am willing to receive! I am open to receive now!”

Trusting in your affirmation “I am prosperous” by continuing to claim that truth, will bring you greater and greater results! Our thoughts of today are our children of tomorrow. Trust in the movement of the spirit to gift you the prosperity you deserve and be open to receive it!

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