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The Incredible Power of Thought

Who are you speaking to when you speak? Who is it that hears your thoughts when you think? Where do your thoughts go when released?

All those questions are asked by new students of metaphysics. Rightfully so, I asked the same in the beginning.

Truthfully, I had no idea that my voice was heard by unlimited recipients that responded without knowing! Nor, little did I know that so many heard my thoughts without justification. In wondering where the thoughts went, I soon realized they fell upon unsuspecting ears that turned full circle as a boomerang directed right back to me and multiplied. Upon understanding just these few principles, new insights developed within me regarding the “power of thought”.

When you speak, speak from the heart. When you think, think positively and be wise in the thoughts you truly believe because thoughts are things and become concrete in physical reality. Our thoughts of today are our children of tomorrow! Thus, our first lesson in the use of affirmations!
You want prosperity, think prosperous thoughts! “I am prosperous”.

If you desire better health, claim “I am healthy in mind, body and spirit”. Many metaphysicians have defied the odds by speaking words of love and purity to their mind & body. You can too. Like a muscle, the mind develops strength through proper use. And we begin! In the beginning was the word! Let it be healthy. Let it be positive and filled with love. Say those words until the deeper part of you absorbs the truth of who you really are, a loving prosperous child of God!