Spirit is pure and perfect. You are pure spirit.


Imagine a vessel and a fluid substance is flowing into it. When the substance is released from the vessel, it carries residue along with it lifted from the vessel itself. Some substance remains in the vessel as all of it is not completely expelled.
According to the pureness of the vessel, the expelled substance is either as pure or is tarnished by the residue in the vessel. The flow of this substance is guaranteed and always takes place.

The substance left behind, collects into every crook and cranny of the vessel and sometimes is never released.
The released substance is formed in the world around us just the same way as thought + faith is formed into physical reality.

The remaining residue left behind is either a pure substance or if tarnished and stagnate, begins to affect the inside of the vessel just as impure energy affects the internal workings of a physical being.

Our thoughts control our lives. Our faith and beliefs affect our environment! It is good and healthy to keep your vessel pure so, that the energy flowing through you remains pure and positive. Meditation, affirmation, optimism, etc. help to keep your vessel pure.

Energy is not an element that can be seen except for the effect!

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